Colonics by Kathy


Colonics by Kathy


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Colonics by Kathy



Take advantage of our Holiday Specials

through January 31, 2017

Colon Hydrotherapy -$65 per session or $190.00 for three (3) sessions


Credit/Debit card details are required at the time of booking.
In the event that a 24 hours noticed is not provided to cancel an apppointment,
the full charger of the treatment will be made.



We have Gift Certificates** available for your loved ones & friends.








Our Gift Certificate Policy** states that they will expire after 3 months from purchase.










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Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Cleansing, Colon Irrigation, Colon Health, Colonics
are all names for an alternative to health and wellness therapy used to maintain and restore optimum health.


Colonics by Kathy

Feel free to contact Colonics by Kathy anytime with your questions.